Financial Planning for the Modern Investor

FPconnect Inc. brings a fresh approach to financial planning.   Our CFP-certified financial planners work with clients from coast to coast to coast, helping them move towards their financial dreams and goals via our unique web-based approach.  

Web-based Financial Planning

Web video-based meetings make meeting with your financial planner simple and convenient.

Clients canada-wide

CFP-certified professionals are waiting to help you with your financial plan, regardless of where you are in Canada.

A New Company with a fresh outlook

We may have launched our firm in 2018, however we bring years of experience and fresh options to our clients.

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FP Connect inc

Our 3 Core Values:

High Integrity.

Honest Communication, Always.

Commitment to our clients and their experience.

Financial Planning Services

Curious what a financial plan entails?  Here’s a description of some of the services we offer.

Investment Planning 

Figure out which investment strategy is best for you given your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Education Savings

Work with us to develop a plan for your childrens’ future education costs.

Deposit/Withdrawal Analysis

Money regularly going in or out of your accounts?  We’ll help you measure impact and plan how much.

Major Purchase Planning 

Buying something special or out of the ordinary? Create a strategy to get it when and how you want.

Financial Independence

Figure out how to get to the point where work is an option, not a necessity, because your investments now pay you instead.

Cash flow and Budgeting

Not sure where all your extra cash is at the end of the month? A solid budget will help you get back on track in no time.

Debt Elimination Strategies 

Find out how to pay off your debt effectively whether they be consumer debt, student debt, credit cards, etc.

Tax Mitigation Analysis 

Structure your savings and investments in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Our Advisors

Kris Podolski

Partner | B.Comm, CFP®


Kris Podolski

Founder | Financial Planner | B.Comm, CFP®

Kris specializes in helping clients take their jumbled financial situations and making them make sense.  Prior to launching FPconnect, he worked in several financial advisory roles in the traditional financial services sector.

Kris is a Certified Financial Planner who has helped hundreds of clients improve their financial situations and grow their investments over the last 14 years. Kris holds a CFP® designation and graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2006.

When he’s not analyzing financial situations, Kris enjoys golfing and live music and donates his time to several causes.  He lives in Edmonton, AB and is married with two children, a son and daughter, and two furry dogs.






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